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DIY Tree Install Kit

DIY Tree Install Kit


NOTE: If you're getting your trees professionally installed by us, you will already have some of the items in this kit included in installation! See the Tree Care Kit instead to better suit your needs.

It's important to start your tree off on the right root! Included in our Tree Planting Starter Kit is everything you need to get your tree going. Included in the kit is:

  • 2 cubic feet Native North Texas Mulch
  • 1 Gallon MicroLife Organic Super Seaweed Root Stimulator
  • 7 Pound MicroLife Ultimate Organic Fertilizer
  • 2 T-Post Stakes
  • 2 T-Post Safety Caps
  • 2 Arbor Ties
  • 24-inch ReoTemp Moisture Meter

If you're curious as to why we include all of these, see the explanation for each item below:

  1. Native mulch helps support the microbiome of your tree by providing good bacteria and fungus with the type of organic matter they're used to. In general, it's also important to have mulch in order to help retain moisture in the soil near your plants.
  2. MicroLife Root Stimulator is an Organic, non-toxic, product designed to help stimulate tree root growth. This is important for new trees as their roots are only bound to the soil in the bucket where they're grown. This makes it hard for them to get extra water and stability from nearby soil. By growing those roots faster, you help ensure a better chance of success for your tree!
  3. MicroLife Ultimate Fertilizer is not just great for trees, but other plants as well. Just like the root stimulator, it's an organic, non-toxic product designed to promote a healthy microenvironment for your trees or plants. By ensuring your tree has adequate micronutrients, you help ensure there's nothing holding it back from growing to its full potential. In conjunction with the root stimulator, this product helps your tree grow roots as fast as possible, helping to ensure the best chance of survival.
  4. T-Post stakes go around your new tree and help stabilize it while its roots grow. This is especially important in the brutal Texas winds and thunderstorms that may arise at any moment!
  5. T-Post safety caps cover the top ends of your T-Posts as they can often be sharp. This helps reduce the chance of injury if someone were to fall on the T-Posts or run into them while playing in the yard.
  6. Arbor ties are used to connect your tree to a T-Post. They're the perfect size for preventing injury to the tree's bark, which could potentially allow in pests. They also have excellent grip when tied, which allows you to tightly hold your tree in place.
  7. Finally, the moisture meter is probably the most important piece to this kit. Trees need a lot more water than you think, not just in our extreme Texas summers, but all year! The moisture meter helps provide an easy to interpret read out which lets you know if your soil is too dry or too moist. For extra information on how to water your tree, see our tree watering video here: YouTube