Whether you decide to plant a tree yourself or opt for one of our professional installers you need to get a utility locate for the area where your new tree will be planted.

Utility locate



 When anyone digs in Texas, whether planting a tree or digging the foundation of a skyscraper, there is a high probability of an underground utility line being within the dig site.  Hitting an underground utility line does more than interrupt utility service; it risks the safety of the person digging and the public.  


Texas Law

Texas law requires homeowners to contact 811 two business days (excluding weekends and holidays) before digging, even if you’re working in your own backyard. 

"If you are hiring a contractor to do the work for you, it is the contractor’s responsibility to contact 811 two business days prior to digging. You may want to make sure your contractor has notified 811 before the work begins by requesting the ticket or notification number."


A Quick Fact


Hand Tools can damage gas lines.

More than 80% of "no call" damages involving hand tools damaged gas facilities.

How to Contact 811



By phone, simply dial 811.



Click HERE to access the 811 Home Owner Web Portal.