5625 E Interstate 20

(Just East of Previous Entrance)


Trees Arriving




Prices marked TAKE WITH ONLY

Planted/Warranty - Additional Charges

For a Limited Time. No other discounts apply.

Only while supplies last. No special orders.

Come in and let us help you pick

the perfect tree for your landscape.

Planting charges include: delivery area, installation,

staking (if necessary), mulch, and a one year limited warranty!

Let us do the digging

for you!

This is the best time to plant trees. The tree will be less stressed than planting in summer due to the cooler temperatures and less evaporation of the water and the roots will have more time to become established during the winter months. Plus what better way to cool down your house during the summer months then to install a tree today to

shade your home tomorrow.

Designs in Nature: The Tree Place was established in 1987. After many years of helping customers transform their yards in to works of art we have gone in the direction of primarily trees. We have therefore dropped the name Designs in Nature and have become The Tree Place. We specialize in Native Texas container grown trees that are recommended for planting in our area.


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