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Watering Guide

Watering and Care of your new Tree

A sprinkler system or soaker hose is NOT ADEQUATE to water your tree—they just don't water deep enough. The following is the proper way to water:


Place a hose inside the mulch basin. Let the water run slowly for about 20 –30 min. for 15-30g, 60-90 min. 45g and up (or until root ball is saturated). Weather variances can affect your watering schedule.  Use the “Cake Test” method this is done by inserting a probe such as a mop handle into the soil about 1 to 3 feet (depending on how big the tree is) where the new tree roots meet your native soil to see if it is wet, damp or dry. If there is a slushing sound or water dripping off of the end-DO NOT WATER. Assess in a day or two to make sure hole is well drained.  If there is no trace of dampness, it is dry-

water immediately.

As a general rule monitor the moisture level of the soil no less than

every 2-3 days. Carefully watch your new tree. Monitor for signs of poor health such

as leaf yellowing (except in fall), edges of leaves browning or leaf drop.

These are signs that your tree is stressing.

Your tree needs attention.

The most common reason for poor survival of new trees is inconsistent watering. If you plan to take holidays away from home, consider a hose end timer to ensure proper watering. Regular watering will greatly improve the tree’s health and appearance during this critical establishment period.


Fertilization: We are primarily an ORGANIC Garden Center offering limited

synthetic products. Please do not fertilize with anything other than organic products.

Weed and Feed fertilizers can harm your tree your tree if it can kill weeds than it can kill your tree. The tree should not need any additional fertilizing

after we plant for the first year.